LX3 RAW/JPEG vs. LX1 vs. F20 comparison

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carlos roncatti
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Re: LX3 RAW/JPEG vs. LX1 vs. F20 comparison

A lot better.Theres noise as you say, but it has less digital look.Even the ACR has this kind of effect.I use NX for my Nikon and it produces this noise also, but yet its better than the digital look that ACR( as this Silkpix, but not so evident):

The only worry now is to know if this lens problem is going to affect more than a few cameras.

oluv wrote:

i made a new test now and found the RL deconvolution sharpening
algorithm that is built in raw therapee to give the best results with
silkypix-files so far. have a look at this following example and tell
me what you think.


i think RL deconvolution gives the image a more natural look than
normal sharpening. the image gets a slight grain though, but it looks
more natural than the chaotic noise-mess that you get if you sharpen
the silkypix images in a usual way.

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