70-200 2.8 is vs 85 1.8

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ljfinger wrote:

Chato wrote:

All well and good, but I suspect that the eyelashes of the older man
would be missing at 800x600, while you can see the whiskers on the
squirril at both resolutions.

In other words, the shake would be visible. At the size you posted,
who can tell?

Give it a shot, I'd be curious to see if I'm right. You don't have to
post, I'll take your word for it.

Well, I don't think that's relevant since in this case there is no
camera shake, just subject motion (little kids are hard to keep

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Lee Jay
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The squirril shot was taken in the parking lot to a beach I shoot at. Whenever I go there I take a few quick snaps of these "wild animals," before hiking out to the marsh.
You think you have problems with kids?


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