In practice: d700 better choise over 1dmkIII?

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Re: Considering competition and cost of 40D, these days that's a $1600 camera

I agree. I think that Canon really only has on option with the 5DII to compete with D700. A entirely new body. The gap between a 40D class Canon and Nikon D300 based body is vast. Taking sensor out of the mix for a moment, there is simply no comparison between the cameras in terms of body integrity, autofocus, speed, etc. The D300/700 really is a pro class body. Not quite the EOS1 / D(x) class body, but not far off. I have always heard that the 5D was intended by Canon as a camera to meet the need of high end amateurs in Japan who do have the $ and love wide angle. It simply was adopted by many wedding, portrait type pros here in US that wanted the FF sensor without shelling out $8k for the 1DS series. If they want to keep up though, it's gonna need a metal body, weather sealing, a EOS1 grade AF and metering system, etc. I'm not convinced canon is willing to do that. The always seem to be very protective of those EOS1 sales, but they better be worried about D3/D700 sales.

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