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Kerry Munroe wrote:

From a 10mp camera what is the largest size print possible before
the image starts to pixelate or degenerate? (2 x print diagonal
viewing distance with naked eye)

In asking you get a variety of answers, Because people see differently from each other, and to an extent interpret words differently. For instance, "degenerate" can be a very subjective term, depending upon eyesight, what a person finds pleasing and what not, and their experience.

The experience part can include what original photographs (prints) they have seen, from what formats, and what they have worked in themselves.

I have found that asking others is generally useful, but experimenting yourself is vital to asking this question.

Also, I agree with one of the posters that the subject matter is an important issue. For example, a standard portrait, and a landscape with say, foliage at differing distances, are two very different animals.

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Edward Weston, Camera Craft Magazine, 1930.

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