D90 confirmed? looks like it

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Re: and the answer is...

Goyo wrote:

The question you should be asking is this: will the D90 have Picture
Controls (ala the D300, D3, D700) or Image Optimization (ala the D40,
D40x, D60, D80)?

so won't you give us the answer to that interesting question?

Most of the time I'm being coy about an answer it's because I'm worried that there's only a single likely source for that information at the moment, and revealing it would reveal where the leak I'm seeing is coming from.

For example, even a product manager at NikonUSA might not know about the use of a new physical part in a camera, but a parts order from the factory to suppliers would obviously know that. Thus--to use a FICTIONAL example--if a new consumer camera had a built in GPS antenna and receiver, the first place a leak could occur is at the design stage (from Nikon Japan), the second leak source would be orders to a parts supplier, the third leak source would likely be from the factory floor (I'll get to that in a moment), the fourth leak source would be from documentation, the fifth leak source would be from marketing materials, and so on. If you know the company's design cycle chain, then you know where to look for leaks and even when. Indeed, often times with anonymous leaks I get I can immediately tell if they're valid or not just by where we're at in the cycle.

I said I'd get to the factory floor in a moment, so here's a tidbit: For Nikon to have D90's for sale at retail in early September, they have to move into worldwide warehouses in August. There has to be almost a month of time from first warehouse stock arriving for places like Best Buy, Ritz, Circuit City, and other big chains to be able to sub-distribute in time. For there to be enough stock in the warehouse for initial sales, the Thailand plant usually has to be running at least two months, sometimes more if its expected to be a very popular camera. I know for a fact, for instance, that production D90's existed in June.

Anyway, we're very close to the documentation and product marketing materials getting very wide distribution within Nikon. Once that happens, we'll be able to verify most of the specs ; )

And what about ISO in the viewfinder (what it is very important IMHO,
and even lowly Canon 1000D has it), that is, setting the ISO without
having to take your eye from the VF?

I doubt that you'll be able to set the ISO from the viewfinder. That wasn't a priority with any Nikon consumer camera to date. Most people can't find the ISO button by feel on the D80/D90, so would remove their eye from the viewfinder. The INFO button method is going to be faster for most people.

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