D90 confirmed? looks like it

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Re: D90 confirmed? looks like it

BoyOhBoy wrote:

1) Metering system. Will they revive the decent D70/D50 metering or
continue with the D80/D40/D40x/D60 abomination.

Actually, there are two matrix metering variants in the group you suggest is one. The D40/D40x/D60 meter differently than the D80 in the same situation, though they use similar strategies. I don't comment on something like "how well does the meter work" until I've used a finished product for some time. As for specs, I think you might guess that the CCD in the viewfinder is likely to still be the 480 cell one, not the 1005 one.

2) Video. You have said point blank that it is more than VGA, and
have implied that it is less than 1080. There is A LOT of room in

Yes, I understand that. Again, until I have a second source that I find reliable I won't reveal the number and just say that it will do more than standard VGA. Indeed, from a strategic standpoint, if you consider that the HDMI connector you put on the camera ought to be useful (; ), then you'd have to guess that any video output from the camera, just like the still output, should be some recognizable HD format.

3) The D90 picture published on Nikonumors has an interesting detail.

As I've said, that picture is legit.

The presence of an AF-M switch on the body strongly suggests that
screw drive lenses will be supported.

Yes it does.

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