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ManuH wrote:

ikillrocknroll wrote:

They use it as marketing

true, but so what?

They dont want low quality photographs showing noise and other problems to show off how amazing their products are

They want to show off the sharpest, noise-free, best colour photographs.

not quite true, read their FAQ...

http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artist?action=artistFaq ?

I dont see anything their stating that they do or dont discriminate against bad quality photographs

Seriously, I think it's easy to get negative about the PPG when our
"masterpieces" are unbelievably rejected.

I was more replying to the OP of this thread and his photos
although they are excellent photojournalistic shots,
they are not of the highest quality

you look through and I could garuntee that there are a minimal amount of low quality noisy photos, and the ones that are there are probably old from when the ppg began, when it was alot easier to enter.

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