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Re: G9 MF/Hi-Res corrupt video problem - new firmware patch

Canon have provided to me a firmware patch for my G9s. This is to fix the problem with manual focus in hi-res manual focus videos.

This is not intended to fix any other problem. According to Canon this is not intended to fix models outside the UK (although I've updated two Japanese models today with no problems - in fact, I think they're all identical).

I've added the following files to my web site:

PS_G9.FI2 : G9 Firmware update
PS_G9_md5.txt : MD5 checksum
README.txt : instructions and disclaimer


This update has (it seems) solved the problem with corrupt manual focus hi-res video modes. I'm posting this only for information for those who have also identified this particular problem. I've tried it on two G9s (one I bought today!) in Japan and the manual focus hi-res videos now work fine.

All thanks must go to Canon UK and Canon Inc for getting down to this and not just telling me to go get a refund. I am deeply impressed by Canon's technical support - especially the UK branch.

The most important part is this:

Canon has not approved this post.

Neither Canon nor the provider/poster of this information or firmware update can accept any responsibility for any damage to your camera if you follow these instruction and something goes wrong! Use at your own risk!


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