Oly colour, telecentricity, IQ - thoughts?

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Oly colour, telecentricity, IQ - thoughts?

First of all, thank you very much Hokuto for translating that interview with the Oly engineer.


Quite frankly, I'm surprised they are still banging on about telecentricity. They might be proven right in the end, but right now I don't see a noticeable advantage resulting from this philosophy.

So, I'm wondering what you think? Do you think that Oly will eventually be proven right? Here's some of the facts I have been noticing.

Quoting Hokuto's translation:

For example, the depiction of the deep sky color sometimes called ‘Olympus blue.’ We can achieve that kind of color because we are bring the ideal light to the sensor.”

And yet when Getty examined Oly files (E3) they specifically mention that the colour is a relatively weak compared to other cameras but it can be successfully brought up in PP.

The problem is that this might be a sensor problem. Frankly, I am unimpressed with the Panny sensor. It seems to be noticeably behind the performance of other makers. Their PnS's would be the best on the market if their files didn't fall apart at 100% and higher ISOs.

Some claim that the Panny SLR sensor is of a higher order than their PnS sensors.

This is a 100% crop from 1Ds MIII at 1600 iso (FF Canon camera, 21.1 mp)

This is a 100% crop from an E3 at 400 iso (noise reduction turned off).

Now granted, these are too completely different images taken at different times. Still, the Canon looks sharper (at 100%) clearer, cleaner, and more colourful. Keep in mind, there is a two stop ISO advantage handed to Oly, as well as it having only half the pixels (so the pixel size can be larger than if Oly had 21 mp as well).

It seems to me that either Panasonic is far behind the competition in sensor development. Either that, or once pixels get to a certain small size, they become ineffective.

I'm sincerely hoping Panasonic is far behind.

Olympus might be right about telecentricity, but we'll never really know until they get a competitive sensor behind their lenses. The colour of Olympus images with the Kodak chip did seem much richer straight from the sensor. They were just a bit too noisy relative to other cameras. Olympus has gone from one noisy sensor to another.

The fact that we're seeing threads like the E3 is as good as the D300 at low ISO's seems to prove that a lot of this telecentricity talk has been, so far, just a lot of talk.

I'm very interested in what you think.

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