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Re: Z1012 Aperture Settings

I did email Kodak about the problem and they told me:

"Based on how you describe the problem, it sounds like the system behind the aperture priority mode is somehow faulty. On this case, we can only advise you to send the camera for service so we can have closer look on the problem and have it fixed."

After this response, I called Kodak and told them other people were having the same problem and I thought it was a firmware problem. The lady I was talking to tried it on a Z1012 and said she could only get hers to go up to f8.0. I ask her if that means mine is broken and she told me "no". Then she said again hers will only go up to f8.0. I don't think she believed me. I don't know anything else I can do. I don't want to send it for service, as they told me to do in the email. We are going on vacation in a couple of weeks and I don't want to be without it.


TheCyberKnight is correct "If I remember well, the simplest way to reproduce the behavior is to set the mode dial to "A" while the camera is turned off. Then, power the camera on and notice the aperture value."

In the morning turn you camera to "A", turn you camera on, press in on the jog dial, turn the dial and it should go up to F14.8. Do not zoom, do not turn you camera off then back on before you do the test or it will not go up to 14.8.


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