D700 hard reset

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Re: D700 hard reset

There isn't one. There is the two button reset (press the two buttons that have a green dot by them on the top of the camera for 2 seconds). You can also reset the shooting menu and the custom menu manually in the menus (2nd option).

How do I know? I called Nikon tech support. I had some trouble with my first d700, and wanted to essentially "reboot" the firmware (or worse case, re-flash it with its existing firmware). I wanted to do this because I beleived that it had gotten "stuck" in non cpu lens mode. At least according to the tech I talked to, who seemed very knowledgeable, this was not possible, as there is no way to reboot the system, and he did not recommend re-flashing it with the same firmware - or he did not know how. [I ended up exchanging my body for a 2nd one]
Mike Oliver

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