Best quality/low expense lens for D700 (FX)

Started Aug 11, 2008 | Discussions thread
Andrew Koenig Contributing Member • Posts: 587
Re: Yuck

Charles Bandes wrote:

My 24-120VR was so soft at the
edges of the frame that it almost had that lensbaby smearing effect.
Sure, if you stop it down a fair bit this cleans up, but that is not
something you want to have to do to get acceptable performance from a

Indeed. On the other hand, using a lens in practice often yields better results than test charts or test photograps. As an example, here's a hand-held picture taken with the 24-120. Complaints or not, I'm happy with the overall sharpness:

And yes, I did a little unsharp masking to improve the perceived sharpness. That doesn't detract from the point, which is that it is possible to use this lens to good effect. At least if you like my example -- if you don't, then take your own pictures and make up your own mind. Come to think of it, you should do that anyway

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