Best quality/low expense lens for D700 (FX)

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Ditto to the 24-120...great lens

I know this is going to catch more flak...but the 24-120 VR is a perfect lens. And I am extremely happy with mine. There isn't a lot to choose from. The 24-120 must have the WORST variation of any lens, some people, including well regarded lens reviewers, dog this lens.

I have owned two...sold my first one to get a 18-200...still in use on a DX body. Got my 2nd one after selling a 28-70 that I did not like on my D3...too short for my liking...and foregoing a 24-85 due to excessive vignetting (pre-D3 firmware that addressed this issue) and a 28-105 for being too slow in focusing and no focus over ride (i.e. not an AF-s lens). And none of the three aforementioned lenses had VR. I was very concerned about repurchasing the 24-120...but after trying to make the 28-70, 24-85, and 28-105 work, I disregarded the reviews and got another one...especially after I realized that I had had one previously...reviewed the pictures from that period of time with that lens...and went ahead and risked getting another.

Both copies of this lens have served me well for both weddings and general work. The VR is very useful. The corners could probably be better...but unless I am shooting a lot of brick walls, buildings, etc. it is a I don't put peoples faces in the corners of my pictures. I do avoid 24 when I am shooting people...but that is just common sense because most people don't like their appearance already...let alone with a 24mm lens, which is quite wide as FX, sticking in their face.

If Nikon comes out with a 24-105 f4 VR, AFS, I will be one of the first to order. But until they other Nikon lens is better suited for a general purpose FX lens.

In summary, the 24-120 has VR and AFs, it is a great is plenty sharp, and distortion is acceptable.

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