Why does everybody hate Ken Rockwell?

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Re: Why does everybody hate Ken Rockwell?

I find him very biased. He makes up his mond on something, then goes to extremes to support that viewpoint, rather than letting the evidence guid him to a conclusion.

An example is his comparison between his beloved 18-200 VR and the new 16-85 VR. Despite a number of images HE posts that show clearly superior image quality from the 16-85mm, he again and again says that only pixel peeepers would ever notice this--even though it is clear as day from the examples posted BY HIM on HIS SITE.The 16-85 clearly beats the 18-200 in sharpness and contrast, over and over--at least on the samples used in his reiew--yet he refuses to conced that the 16-85 might be a viable alternative and step up in IQ over the 18-200.

(Me, I think it is obvious that the 16-85 would be superior; it has less than half the range, so I would anticipate that it is superior over this more limitted range).


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I never gave a damn about the meter man until I was the man who had to read the meters.

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