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Re: Bad Sign For Olympus

PhotoTraveler wrote:

Actually, if weathersealling is so important, and olympus has it, yet
their cameras aren't selling in droves, it means Olympus has some
serious issues with their cameras that they need to address since
having such a strong feature is getting crushed by other aspects of
the camera in a bad way.

One major thing gets in the way - price. People see a £100 camera specification in a £150 weatherproofed camera. And then suddenly weatherproofing doesn't become so important.

The sector at the bottom end of Oly's waterproof cameras is very undifferentiated. The wrong type of card will not dissuade them from buying a camera, but buying something that fails to tick all the normal boxes at the price will. Even if it ticks its own important weathersealed box.

It's a great shame, weathersealing is a good thing to include on a camera, but until people start to put it on level pegging with 'How many megapixels in this one, pal?' in the list of buying criteria, it will always be a specialist option.

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