For this forum I will reword my question! And hope for a response

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Pure replacements are very rare

scoot4nat wrote:

I am simply worried that on buying it, a more suitable
replacement will be annoucned (although this is the case
with any kind of electrical purchase).

Most lens announced in the past 5 years are with a new feature set and price point, and do not obsolete the older lens. For example, the 70-200/4 IS was introduced at almost twice the price of the non-IS, so it is not a trivial choice which one to have.

Even the 85/1.2L II, the 16-35/2.8L II, and the 24/1.4L II were introduced at substantially higher price points than the older version, so buying the older versions a week before the announcement (or even a week after the announcement) was not a mistake, even with hindsight.

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