D700 First impressions from a D200 shooter

Started Aug 3, 2008 | Discussions thread
Kallel00 Senior Member • Posts: 1,043
Re: D700 First impressions from a D200 shooter

I dunno strictly talking ergonomics I kinda prefer the D200.

On the D700 the right part of the grip (where my right hand holds the camera) seems a bit smaller than on the D200. Seems my fingers are cramped a bit, but it might just be me.

I like the CF door switch, and feels kinda cheap not to have it anymore on the D700.

I hate the new thumbpad selector there's something wrong about its feel compared to the D200.

But with all that said I'm in absolute love with the D700's metering/focusing, and most of all, super clean high ISOs, so my D200 is gonna get retired right away.

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