FujiFilm RR-80 Remote Release

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Re: FujiFilm RR-80 Remote Release

Is that your work Bob? Nicely documented.

BobORama wrote:

Do you have a specific example?

The RR-80 itself can be constructed from a 5 conductor USB cable, 3
resistors, and a couple switches, so about $3 in parts. So its not
surprising that you could make one for practically nothing. Its
not brain surgery.

I did buy the RR-80. Then opened it up. Then felt like an idiot.
But I did get it to work with my IR intervalometer via a simple
modification. So worth the price to me -- as buying a purpose
built, USB attached, intervalometer would certainly cost more than
the $30 ( or whatever ) I paid.

To see that I'm talking about look here:


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