Ethics of HDR

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Painting - Abstract art.

Jeppe76 wrote:

I knew that. But I was trying to describe how some of the HDR
algorithms creates something that is artificial in a different way
than merely an extreme dynamic range. I think it's the algorithms
that do localized adjustments that are the worst offenders. (But they
are also the very ones that hold the greatest promise for creating
something abstract)

The OP is a lousy photographer, or at least that's MY impression. In the world of painting you can find many pieces of abstract art. Fine. But can many of these artists actually paint a realistic scene? People? Anything? One famous abstract artist stated that when you learn the art of painting, you should be able to paint realistically. Only then after you've mastered your trade, learned to use light, texture, the human form - only THEN should you let the skills you have acquired, take you to other places.

Now owning a camera allows anyone to take pictures. Indeed, a persons FIRST photograph (if they are in the right place and the right time) if they are lucky, can be a masterpiece. But good quality images are not consistantely produced by people who don't know the trade, don't know the skills, and don't KNOW how to get dynamic range out of their equipment.

Perhaps I'm wrong about the OP (although I don't think so), but I think he wants to be a photographer without "paying his dues."
Such people never learn how to be photographers.


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