Digital cameras baffle Britons - and the rest

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Faaar out Guy ... (I am not serious)

Talking about digital cameras baffling users - I take your word that BS mode on the Casio is great and I would probably enjoy exploring its intricacies however my brain has a big enough struggle balancing such simple things as aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure value.

This brings up the point showing that the conventional denominators of camera manual control are only a very simple combination of the above functions - giving thousands of permutations of course but nevertheless the basics can't be that hard to understand and are explainable.

What is happening is that camera manufacturers are responding to the demand by users who canot be bothered to learn and coming up with their own "best average" for given situations. But because there are thousands of permutations a few "best average" settings are not going to fit the bill. So what do we get - more and more scene modes - but the manual settings are described by what they do - scene modes don't have the luxury of fine tuning or a common naming structure. Works well enough for the first few but as the numbers proliferate the names for each sub-scene are going to get wilder and wilder - how about a "goose-bumps" mode for skin detail in cold weather? ... or even a "night goose bumps mode" for cold nights?

Instead of a few dials that can't be twiddled to give an exacting level of control we are getting (maybe) hundreds of scene modes and perhaps we will end up with complex menu trees to guide us to the right scene mode icon for that perfect capture - meanwhile the subject has stopped smiling - drat, will have to switch to scowl mode.

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