Weekly macro/close-up thread for 3 August 2008

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Re: extreme close-up of moth

Nice sharp image. It shows very well what Raynox lenses can do. Often when I recommend Raynox lenses because someone wants a cheap and versatile close-up option, people dismiss Raynox lenses as somehow inferior and recommend the Canon close-up lenses (500D and 250D). I've no doubt that the Canon lenses are very good, but the Raynox lenses are also very good, especially for their price. I think perhaps with the exception of a reversing ring they are the most cost effective close up option.

The only problem is as you rightly point out the, shallow depth of field. I've got some far more powerful Raynox close-up lenses than the DCR-250 and you can get some serious magnification with them if they are mounted on a longish macro lens. The problem is just how shallow the depth of field is. I've found that if you stop down more than f16 you get considerable softening due to diffraction (even at f16 its starting to soften quite a bit).

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