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Re: An elderly moment?

chuxter wrote:

Set theory...there are LOTS of sets of cameras. "dSLR" is a
set..."P&S" is a set..."EVIL" may become a set in the future. They
don't have to be mutually exclusive! Most dSLRs that I know of are
also members of the "P&S" set. I see no giant problem with some of
the members of a future EVIL camera set also being in these other

Ah, but all sets are not created equal! Some sets (super-zoom, P&S, compact, SLR-like) needn't be mutually exclusive. We can call these "open" sets. Others, however (TLR, rangefinder, SLR) are mutually exclusive. We can call these "closed sets. Obviously, no one set may be both open and closed.

You seem to be arguing that there two different sets, one open and another closed, and each is called "dSLR." Furthermore, the closed set "dSLR" would have to be a subset of the open set "dSLR."

The problem here is twofold. First, your naming convention is confusing. You should avoid whenever possible giving a set and a subset of it the same name. Second, most language users (on this forum at least) seem to believe that the label "dSLR" is already reserved for the closed set, itself a closed subset of the closed set "SLR."

It's not about being right or wrong. There is no moral component here. You have simply been outvoted by your fellow language users, and this is all that counts in language. If I call bananas "oranges" this does not make me a bad person. It is not wrong, in a moral sense. It is simply nonsensical.

You seem to be searching for a label for an open set that contains the closed subset dSLR. "SLR-like" may feel too broad, and besides, the label is already taken. So how about "SLR-like, interchangeable lens" (SLIL) as a compromise? It's not pretty, but as a working title it gets the job done. This open set would contain both dSLRs and EVILs. So what do you think?

Language grows in both ways. Neither you or I control that.

But we do! By having conversations about what words should mean and by being language users ourselves. Really, if not us (meaning all English language users), then who? Isn't it wonderful?

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