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Re: m43 wide angles

Jogger wrote:

You would be better off with an slr that has liveview features if you
are going to use 43 lenses (something like the e420)... otherwise, to
take advantage of m43 you will need to buy m43 lenses that can be
made smaller.

I would disagree with that. There are situations where I would prefer the compactness and quietness of m43, and situation where I would like the fast shooting of an SLR. A liveview SLR can give some of the m43 advantages, but not all.

Personally I would like both bodies, and while I might have a nice wide lens in m43, other lenses, telephoto and macro for example, might just as well be in 4/3 so I can use them on both.

The interesting thing is that if I had both I would not be too bothered about the necessity of live on the SLR. And an irony of the m43 mount is that it could pave the the way for a really streamlined non live view 4/3 SLR, with a conventional unshuttered sensor.

In film days lots of us had more than one SLR body for shooting with different films (I still do shoot film and use two bodies). With the onset of the DSLR there seems to be a mindest that one body fits all, why can't we use different bodies? An m43 should cost less than an SLR, it is likely cost about the same as 1 medium priced lens. We allow ourselves to contemplate any number of lenses to suit different shooting requirements, that's why we want interchangable lenses.

So why is it so difficult to envisage the use of different cameras for different situations? I love the idea, and I expect many others will.

I would expect m43 specific lenses to be concentrated around the wide angle end, longer focal lenses have little or nothing to gain from being m43 specific. I would also expect new 4/3 lens designs to sport those extra two contacts in a backwards compatible manner.

THe proof of the latter concept will come when we actually see a real m43 adapter (Photokina?), if the adapter carries the extra two contacts up to the 4/3 interface then it is a taste of things to come

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