Nikon P6000 Official Sample Images (3)

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markdavis Contributing Member • Posts: 567
Re: studio shots..

RedFox88 wrote:

These are well lit studio shots at low iso. All cameras give good IQ
at low iso in good light, but alas the ever increasing pixel counts
in tiny P&S sensors is unsettling since most people only view their
photographs on a computer screen at maybe 1MP or they resize them
small for social networking sites and have no use for anything larger
than 3MP.

true but look at the highlights. there isn't fringe so maybe the ED glass is actually working. and the fine detail is great. look what panasonic's venus engine is doing to fine detail. or better google for that petiton people made years ago when they first notice the NR in venus engine actually ruins images. endless threads are here too.

you can also google to look at other camera's studio shots on their own websites. they don't look very good.

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