Reflections from D40 to D700

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George Lechter Senior Member • Posts: 1,564
Reflections from D40 to D700

You guys must be freaking out in this forum to see people come from a D40 purchase to a D700.

Why? Wanted that 6400 ISO. I guess. I don't know, I always kept the D40 on Auto.

Does the D700 have an Auto?

I'm shooting at ISO 6400 on P.

Well it is big. Pictures are nice at ISO eyes look natural with no flash.

Got a 50mm 1.4 ... on the D40 we were forced to use AFS lenses. Why are they special? The 50mm F1.4 works great on the D700. But it would not work on the D40. What is the big deal with AFS lenses? The 50mm is fast and quiet anyway?!

Reading the manual for the D700. Never bothered with the D40.

Really I needed the high ISO. Did not need all the bells of the D700. I'd like a D80 with the sensor of the D700. That way it'd be smaller, but have the ISO.

You guys ready to puke yet? That is what you get when Nikon lowers the price of the cameras where beginners like D40 people start buying them.

Would love to see a video tutorial for the D700. Anybody makes those?

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