570uz and external flash

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Re: 570uz and external flash

farm boy wrote:

nickoly wrote:

No internal flash can fix this problem. It is either too close to the
lens or much too close.

Yes that is what I was afraind of. Salespeople tried to convince me
that the popup flash would make a big difference but I have my doubts.

He is right, it would make a big difference. The useful operating distance might increase from 3 feet to four, and that is a 30% improvement. It's still pointless and all it does is get you to where a Brownie StarFlash was in 1965. As Meissner elegantly explained, it is all to do with the subtended angle -flash to eye to lens. Be aware that hotshoe flashes are not immune either. When shooting outdoor weddings at night, I have even had the problem with a potato masher, for chrissakes. I would warn the client in advance, and shoot black-and-white as well.

I was hoping that at least with 4x6 the high ISO could make the

That may be right, but not a satisfactory solution.

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