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Re: Let's hope this doesn't trickle up

JasonOdell wrote:

What I don't understand is why they would use anything other than
their own existing RAW format in a P&S? Seriously, that is a
head-scratcher to say the least.

I'm reminded that when Microsoft first revealed WIC, I believe that Nikon made a statement of support and was on the podium. It's possible that someone made the bonehead decision to show how WIC could be supported in a product without thinking about what the dedicated, serious Nikon user might think.

To put it another way: from Nikon's viewpoint, they were just adding support for a partner in a product that they viewed as a JPEG product. From our view as a customer, we see a camera we think should have raw support and it appears that Nikon has decided to change raw formats and stop supporting Macs and Capture NX2! In short, VERY bad decision.

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