Nikon P6000 Official Sample Images (3)

Started Aug 7, 2008 | Discussions thread
David Chin Forum Pro • Posts: 11,670
Either these samples are OUTSTANDING ...

... or my standards are low.

They're shockingly good - great skin texture and tones in the portraits, and superb detail and bokeh in the still life shot.

They certainly dwarf what I can get from my Olympus SP-5770UZ in terms of pure image quality.

Just for the record, they also far exceed whatever I could get with my (long-forgotten-by-most-people) Coolpix 4500.

Perhaps the P6000 can really excel in controlled situations. It looks like they used studio lighting for the portraits (or SB flashes?).

I look forward to how it handles outdoor shots and landscapes.

Nikon might have something significant happening in the P600 lens and imaging engine after all.

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