Micro 4/3 will be great. But how about 4/3?

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Re: Micro 4/3 will be great. But how about 4/3?

Franklin wrote:

Personally, I don't see Olympus support 2 systems equally down the
road. I see them phasing out 4/3 and concentrating on micro and make
it niche system that offers compactness, live view and image quality
close to APS-C. I think it would be better for Olympus to transform
4/3 with this new system. Frankly Olympus can't compete with Canon
and Nikon DSLRs with their 4/3, which is not so much smaller compare
to the smallest Nikon and Canon.

I think Micro 4/3rds is good for 4/3rds because there will be a much larger market and hence R&D resources available for sensors (they use the same sensor). This is probably the most expensive part in a digital camera.

This means economies of scale and more rapid introduction of new sensors for 4/3rds cameras.

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