Will the use of filter increase the lens vignetting on wide end?

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Re: Will the use of filter increase the lens vignetting on wide end?

Soo Yee Seong wrote:

I read from dpreview glossary about vignetting, and learn that
vignetting is caused by the barrel or sides of the lens that become
visible at wide end. If that is the only reason, my concern is...
will the use of filter introduce more lens vignetting on wide end?

well, that definition is not very good.
try the one at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vignetting

basically, for any kind of lens, you have light fall-off towards the edges.
It's natural inherent in lenses, one can try to design lenses to avoid it,
but it would make them huge.
You can look at vignetting tests for lenses at http://www.photozone.de and

Then you have physical inferference in the light path. This can be caused
by e.g. a lens hood that is too long and gets into the light path, or
by stacking filters onto the lens.
The more wide angle a lens, the easier it is to get vignetting from
filters, due to the wide angle.
Here you will find some tests with different lenses and filters,
to see what combinations cause vignetting:


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