better lens for 450D

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Re: better lens for 450D

I was also looking for something better some time ago, was considering tamron, but then went across many posts that it struggles or at least misses many shots in low light, so i removed it from my list and started saving on something better...

I bought EF-S 17-55 just a week ago and i am quite happy. The main reason was that i wanted fast and quality lens with reliable focus. It's often cloudy and in the room the kit lens most of the times just guessed the focus. 17-55 is always right and the focusing speed is awesome. I was in a harbor yesterday to take some pics. It focused correctly on things even I couldn't recognize what they are (far in dark)

the cons is it's bigger and heavier (still not a problem unless you are small size lady) than kit lens, filter size is 77mm, so the filters are pretty expensive too.


Henny Goedhart wrote:

Hi, two months ago I bought the 450D with the kit-lens. The kit lens
has front focus between 18 and 35 mm, between 35 and 55 mm the
focussing is very accurat. I also have the 70-300 canon lens usm-is
which is focussing very good. Now I am wondering if the sigma 17-70
or a tamron or the cannon 17-55 will do a better job than the
kit-lens. Has anyone experience with one of these lenses on a 450D?
Greetings, Henny.

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