Best way to use Canon 580EX II off camera - what do I need please?

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Best way to use Canon 580EX II off camera - what do I need please?

I have a 5D and have just bought a 580EX II.

I am wanting to use the flash unit off camera, and more than 0.6 metres away from the camera ( so the OC-E3 won't work), but don't want to use two flash units.
Can anyone advise what the best option is to achieve this please?
As far as I can tell the options are:

A third party wired connector (and if this is the case is it advisable, and which make to get?).

Buy another flash unit (but I don't think that this would work, as I'm not at all sure if it's possible to set the remote unit off without setting the on-camera unit off as well). In any case this is an expensive option.
Buy the Speedlite Tranmitter ST-E2 which would set me back £140 or so I think.

Buy a Canon Connection Cord 300 (around £42.50), a Canon TTL Hot Shoe Adaptor Mk3 (£65), and a Canon Off Shoe Adapter OA-2 for (£23) - works out about the same price as the ST-E2.
Not sure whether there are any other options are there?

So which is the best, and if it's the ST-E2 can anyone tell me what the realistic transmission distance is, and are there any serious limitations to using it?

Finally I am planning on using a snoot attachment on the 580EX - is this likely to affect the working of a wireless unit (by getting in the way of a beam or anything)?

Thanks for any advice on this. I'm itching to get this sorted, but it's really difficult to find practical advice on it.

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