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tough act to follow

I dream of a 8080 with more reach but I bet m4/3s is closer to the image quality of a entry level evolt. Inexpencive and small.

I hope they bring out a pro-sumer, high quality version of m4/3s, including two or three lenses like the one on the 8080. I just don't think it'll be cheap.

I don't think they will ever try to replace the 8080 directly. They would be fools to think perfection happens so often.

Typeaux wrote:

Much has been written here about this camera being the long-awaited
successor to the C-8080 in the "prosumer" or "bridge" camera class.

It sounds like a great camera capable of taking outstanding
photographs. But I would also like to see such a camera without
interchangeable lenses -- sporting a permanently-attached lens system
that affords moderate zoom capabilities. I'm still more of a photo
buff than a buff, I guess. I want the best quality pictures I can
have without the added expense and headache of multiple lenses (and
the heartache of picking the wrong one when something comes along
where you really need the one you didn't bring...) Been there, done
that with film.

One of the things I really like best about the C-8080 is that I just
grab it and go. I do have the T-CON, but I rarely use it.

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simply isn't any other test.

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