Center AF, Offset AF & Liveview comparisons

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Re: Center AF, Offset AF & Liveview comparisons

That's a good question.

Perhaps I am jaded by years of experience with video cameras and digital cameras that are 'almost there'. At least the 450D doesn't ravel miles of video tape.

But, I plan to move on to whatever replaces the 5D and that should be within the warranty period for the 450D. If I have a workaround that allows me to keep shooting with the XSi until then I'm not all that worried about it. If it gets worse, I'll just borrow back my old 400D that I gave to my daughter and use that while I send the XSi in for calibration.

Even with the the random focus problem this is the best camera I've ever owned and when it is good it is very, very good.

I've now got the 24-70 f2.8L and I'll be using a 35 f1.4L this weekend at the National Zoo, in DC. If I miss any significant shots I will know for sure that it's the camera and just I need to bite the bullet and send it in for calibration.

Steve Dudley wrote:

I have not added to this thread cause I'll get yelled at but just one
You said you believe the centre AF point is randomly stuffing up but
the outside ones appear fine, correct?. You then said if you this was
always the case you could live with camera given that you knew that
the outside points were always accurate. So my question is why would
you not want to get it fixed and have all the points spot on .

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