Center AF, Offset AF & Liveview comparisons

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Re: Center AF, Offset AF & Liveview comparisons
  • If a SW algorithum extrapolating between calibration points is

building up an error as focus moves towards the infinity end.
(Probably unlikely unless there are sublevels of SW iteration at

  • Or if one end of line tester is introducing a calibration error

towards the infinity end in what I assume is a lookup table programed
into the cameras memory while calibtrating the AF.
It seems reasonable that as the centre point is able to act as both
standard and high sensitivy its calibration routine and lookup table
are different from the other focus points, hence the error does not
affect the others.

Hope some found my musing of interest...

you bring it to the point - that was exactly the same what i think about the focus problem - it is not a problem that the focus system cannot be accurate - with some distances the focus always focus to the wrong point with my camera (kit lens) - and not sometimes so - and sometimes in the other way - even though some will explain this behavior to us - they always preaching that the focus system not exactly enough to fullfill our expectations - the system function was PREDICTABLE wrong - evereytime in the same way.- so the explanation with the lockup table makes sense to me

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