The myth about DSLRs

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Don't worry...

They probably will run away with MP. I still remember talking to an Oly R&D Engineer (that shot Canon) that said that as far as their tech was concerned at that point, that 12MP was the real limit in resolution in regards to actually gaining detail and so on, but he felt that they would go as high as any of the other guys just to remain marketable.

It's very likely to happen, but I hope they realize that low noise and increased DR will mean better prints than higher pixel counts on such a small sensor and that will come from leaving the res lower for the time being...or coming out with a whole new technology for the sensor...which can be done.

Either way, I would just say that we should expect 10+ (if not 12) mp sensors in the first cameras released and they will climb from there.
Wow...that's a pretty killer camera! Are you any good?


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