Oly colors in Lightroom - presets?

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Re: Couldn't agree more!

rssarma wrote:

So, I downloaded and installed the new profiles, then in ACR I chose
"Adobe Standard Beta" and that created a color shift, does that mean
it automatically loads the camera profile for E-510???
Raj Sarma

The "Adobe Standard Beta" is Adobes enhanced profiles.

From the labs page "Adobe Standard camera profiles that significantly improve color rendering, especially in reds, yellows, and oranges".

Olympus cameras haven't gotten the camera matching profiles that nikon and canon has. "Camera Matching profiles that match the camera manufacturers' color appearance".

But these are also Adobes interpretation of how the in camera produced settings looks - it's trying to simulate those settings.

But even with the adobe standard profile you should get better colors.

You can use DNG Profile Editor to modify the Adobe Standard Beta profile to your liking. You can reduce the saturation of any color or shift the hue etc, and change the tone curve.

Or you can take a photo of a color checker chart and run that through the DNG Profile Editor - I have done that for the E-3 and the biggest difference to the Adobe Standard Beta profile is the hue and saturation of the reds.

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