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Re: We can share a laugh, LOL :)

LOL ! Yeah ...... We are all so un-perfect are we not? Humor is

If I could laugh about own mistakes more I'd certainly be better off.

I think I'd rather just be happy and laughing than being "right" or
"wrong" .

I take this forum to seriously sometimes....I gotta lighten up


I take it a little seriously myself sometimes, but what the hey!

For my part, I am FAR more concerned about squeezing the very last drop of performance out of the cameras I have, than I am about "The Next Big Thing" (which seems for now to be the "mini-mirrorless-wonder-cams".)

I think most people (not really most people, but people on the forum) get far too anxious about whats next, and they give up on pushing their cameras to the limits.

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Don't confuse fame with success. Paris Hilton is one; Helen Keller is the other

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