Split The Forum TODAY-No More M4/3 Here

Started Aug 6, 2008 | Discussions thread
OP Garth Raber Senior Member • Posts: 1,647
Re: Split The Forum TODAY-No More M4/3 Here

Larry Lynch wrote:

Your post is a PRIME example of why some people avoid this forum like
the plague.

Respectfully Larry,

Many avoid they forum like the plague because, for whatever they post......there are some people who blast someone personally for what they posted.

You don't like my post? That's alright.
Maybe I don't like all the speculation, and I posted it. That's ok too.

I always have said nothing when these storms of speculation come because when someone says something about it there's always someone there with the cry-baby labels and the reprimands. This time I had enough and I expressed it.


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