Split The Forum TODAY-No More M4/3 Here

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Re: Split The Forum TODAY-No More M4/3 Here

steve16823 wrote:

Garth Raber wrote:

Are you implying I'm trying
to shut down threads? If you are, you're very off base.

Actually, Garth, your initial post in this thread very much gives
that impression. What was your point if not to shut down discussion
of m4/3 here?

Of course you are entitled to that opinion and I think referring to
you as a 'cry baby' was a bit much.

I'm quite interested in m4/3, and I think discussion is quite
appropriate among Olympus DSLR enthusiasts. The most annoying thing
at the moment is that since we know almost nothing about the new
system the forums are filled with idle speculation from a variety of
self-proclaimed experts in camera design/marketing. Hopefully most
of that will die down when real hardware is announced (but I doubt

Best Regards,


Thanks for replying Steve. My post was an expression of exasperation I felt over all the threads about a concept, not a real camera. But, this is the internet and speculation spurns it's growth. As we know, there is no slowing down threads here! LOL

But you know, now that I've said that ..... I've done my share of speculating about what might be...... or could or would or should be. Maybe not so much in the photography world but certainly in "real life". As I get older , I see how expression....... weather in pictures, words and so on ..... really does reflect the person who originated it. This can be beautiful, ugly and everywhere in between .

That's what make photographs so appealing..... you never know what you're going to get:)

-cheers, Garth

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