Is Canon scared of wide angle?

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The sad thing is, a wider wide end would be a boon to everyone, not just enthusiasts. Super long zooms with small apertures just mean that camera shake becomes a real issue at sensible ISOs (even with IS systems, and the Canon IS system IS good - I have a S5IS which is great) A wider FOV at the botom end if the range is great for social shots, landscapes interiors....just what many many people use their cameras for, so it is a feature not just for the enthusuiast. My Fuji E550 has a 32mm equivalent starting point, not super wide, but great compared to 36 or 38mm.

Of course you do need a better flash to ensure full coverage, so maybe THAT is what Canon are worried about? As I said, I use a Canon S5 so I have no problem with the Canon as a whole, but a 30 -360 zoom would be much more flexible than a 35 -420.

(And yes I do have a wideangle convertor to attach to the front of the S5, it is HUGE!)
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