Split The Forum TODAY-No More M4/3 Here

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Re: Split The Forum TODAY-No More M4/3 Here

DriftForge wrote:
1) In terms of actual forum usage, this is the place for u4/3 talk.
This is the technical forum, Oly Talk is the picture forum. Like it
or lump it, that is the way the two forums are used.

2) The interchangeable lens feature puts u4/3 far more in common with
SLR cameras than lacking a mirror puts it in common with compacts.
This is the Olympus system forum

3) The speculation will die down in a day or two anyway once the bits
and pieces have been discussed out. Stop putting up what are frankly
unwarranted threads trying to shut the generally good discussions
that are going on down.

4) The suggestion to take your whining to the cry baby forum was a
good hint.

Garth Raber wrote:

Sorry, but micro 4/3 is not a dslr, so why should it be included here?

Maybe it is the place , maybe it is not. It's not ultimately up to us to decide that since it is not our website.

Yes, the speculation will die down some eventually. I respect your opinion, but I don't post many threads. Are you implying I'm trying to shut down threads? If you are, you're very off base.

This is no different than all the threads that are raving about m4/3.

I am insulted by your #4. That's ok though, it's my owm sh!t and I can deal with it. Take a look in the mirror. I've never met someone who uses labels on people who didn't exhibit that very behavior themselves.

You want it real? I'm keeping it real.

Respectfully , Garth

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