Split The Forum TODAY-No More M4/3 Here

Started Aug 6, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: Oh dear....

TonyinJapan wrote:

Seems like this m4/3 good news has touched some Olympus users up in
the wrong way. But many existing Oly’ DSLR user forum members are
interested in talking about it in the forum they regularly use, plus
this new system will also be using DSLR lenses too.

Should users with Sigma or Leica/Panasonic lenses only just post in
their respective maker’s forums too?

No, not necessarily so. The forum is what it is .

This forum is just another slice of social life....... and as much as people want to express their enthusiasm for the m4/3, I'm expressing my un-enthusiasm for it.

There's no right or wrongs here ..... no absolutes. Expressions take on many forms ..... here its words even more than photos.

There's all kinds of people here from infinite backgrounds. I may not like what someone else says, or what others say .... and that's certainly ok and good.

Life without expression is ..... well, no life at all is it?

Thanks for commenting.


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