Center AF, Offset AF & Liveview comparisons

Started Aug 5, 2008 | Discussions thread
Erik Magnuson Forum Pro • Posts: 12,247
I doubt a firmware fix would help

Tom Meeks wrote:

Clearly there is something amiss with the center AF point on my
particular camera and I can repeat these results over and over no
matter what lens I use.

Then you should send your camera in to be serviced. Did you check for dust or dirt in the bottom of the mirror box that might be obstructing the sensor? Or it may be that this sensor (or it's prisms) is too easily misaligned.

But, I'm wondering if a software
update can fix such a problem. I'm guessing that it can.

I'm guessing not. There are many here who use center point mainly -- if not exclusively -- who have no such problem. This just does not sound like a SW issue.

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