What's the point of upgrading CS2 to CS3?

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Re: ACR does what Lightroom does...

IMO it would have been better to give Photoshop itself these tools.

What I meant here is: "...as well". I can find no integrated tools to (for instance) adjust WB, in CS2 at least. You have to "pretend" you are importing an image, as far as I can see, which is a little awkward and confusing - or else use existing tools such as colour balance, greypoint or whatever, none of which is quite the same thing.

I don't object at all to the functional/technical aspects. It's just a reservation about usability, about a lack of elegance and clarity in how they are presented.

Each adjustment layer requires the storage of another preview layer
(a chunk of data as large as the image itself) in the PSD.

One small point: only if the adjustment layer has a layer mask, which is a greyscale bitmap only, and 8-bit IIRC. Without a mask, an adjustment layer adds almost nothing to PSD file size.

And it's
totally PhotoShop proprietary. The XMP approach of Lightroom and ACR
makes you cross vendor compatible in your image catalog.

I see that, though some of the metadata settings are proprietary to the creating program and cannot be interpreted by other programs. Also, Lightroom requires you to turn on "compatibility" in Photoshop, which adds a full size preview image. Many programs can read this image directly out of a PSD without themselves interpreting adjustment layers, masks, vector items etc. There are layered TIFF and even PDF formats too, although personally I don't warm to those.

(I am playing devil's advocate here, I prefer the Lightroom philosophy in general. I'd be perfectly happy if ACR became LR Elements, possibly incorporating some of Bridge's features, for those who do not opt to buy full Lightroom. This would place it clearly into a different camp than Photoshop, clarifying the bitmap-based : metadata-based dichotomy.)

WB, Clarity, etc... These things all interact, one engine does them
better than a bunch of separate "objects".

Of course, but there is no reason not to have a complicated filter for interacting adjustments, in the same way that hue/sat has multiple sliders. Again, this is just for destructive/layer based editing, not talking about metadata-based editing here.

I'd want ACR to be an import filter only ,

That would lose the power of the shared Lightroom engine.

I am really talking about presentation, not fundamentals.

and to find a way for it
to be independently updatable of Photoshop versions.

It would be like that naturally. There's actually sophisticated
"lockout" code in each version of ACR to make sure it can't work with
"forbidden" versions of PS.

That's what I wanted to avoid. If ACR's job is to deliver an 8- or 16-bit adjusted and cropped and straightened bitmap image to PS, it shouldn't really make much difference which version of PS, surely. Photoshop CS2 is quite prepared to receive an image directly from Lightroom, which was not even on the market IIRC when CS2 was released, and from other 3rd party programs too. If ACR had been a paid-for converter like Silkypix, and not Adobe-specific, it would probably already be prepared to pass images directly to any editing program.

The point is, Photoshop already has an established working
environment, with consistent concepts and methods, and ACR stands in
both concept and method completely outside that. Lightroom uses the
paradigm of ACR for all its operations, but Photoshop does not.

Then PhotoShop is broken.

not really: you can paint with a paintbrush, place and distort text, use all kinds of cheesy effects filters, do all kinds of things. Photoshop is only peripherally intended for photographers. The RAW photographic workflow is probably never going to be integral or central to Photoshop, as it is to Lightroom. That's why it was necessary to develop a separate program. The vast percentage of PS users want destructive editing, and would be mystified by anything else. When you want non-destructive editing, well, that is what layers are for - is how many PS users see it.


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