Canon will discontinue 5D very soon

Started Aug 4, 2008 | Discussions thread
bluefox9er Senior Member • Posts: 1,881
Re: Canon will discontinue 5D very soon

"Dead" pixels are completly unacceptable and I never ever pay any attention to the manufacturers BS about how it's a feature of the technology.

You did EXACTLY the right thing by getting a refund, but to be quiet honest, i don't believe that you were informed correctly, there are PLENTY of 5ds available. There must have been a REASON for you to buy one in the first place apart from selling on the lens that came with your body, and to be blunt, youre stuck with a lens without a body which equals NO PHOTOGRAPHY.

Despite speculation,rumour and conjecture, there is ABSLOUTLEY NOTHING official to suggest that canon will either discontinue the 5d or superseed it with a model with more uptodate features. There's every evidence to suggest that the 5d will continue to be the canon prosumer FF camera and ABSLOUTLEY NONE to suggest that it will be overhauled with respect to the demands of the newer features photographers demand . ( however, it would be incredibly STUPID of canon not to persue enhancing the '5d' line, and canon have really not stepped up to the plate so far with this regard)

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