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Re: OMG isn't that an EVIL?

Henrik Herranen wrote:

Not really. If Canon were to produce a micro-EOS mount, it could
retain compatibility to EF-S (and EF) lenses with an adapter just the
same way as m43 retains compatibility with 43 with an adapter. The
APS-C sensor is of course larger than the 43 sensor, but the
difference is not that huge.

Having said that, and being a Canon-only user (not because of
princible, but because I've liked their products best), I must say
that the m43 is the most exciting thing in digital photography in a
long time. Rangefinders didn't really work, Foveon sensor isn't much
to write home about, but this just might be something special.

The m43 is a true first. One way or another, I am absolutely sure
that other players will have to follow suit, just as happened with
automatic sensor cleaning, live view, etc. In the meanwhile, if real
cameras and lenses are out soon, Olympus and Panasonic will have a
lucrative niche all to themselves.

It'll be interesting to see what happens. Electronic compatibility shouldn't be difficult, but it could be that the larger distance from the rear element of a FF lens to the sensor, and to a lesser degree APS-C, and the non-telecentric design of most of their lenses, would not easily lend itself to backward compatbility with an EVIL body. And even if they did, they'd be battling Oly/Pana in a sector in which 4/3 would be giving them a size advantage, when compactness is a major selling point.

IMHO bulk is one of the major objections to modern DSLRs, especially FF. Not just the bodies but the lenses too. If they can get the styling right - shades of iPod - I think m43 could be a huge success.

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