DP2 will fix it all?

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Re: DP2 will fix it all?

So many people complain about the DP1. Most of them seem never to have used one themselves. Certainly not enough to get a feel for it.

Mine doesn't seem slow, I can see the LCD in sunlight, I find it easy to use and find the controls I need. ISO on the zoom buttons, AEL-button readily available, simple manual focus that is fast and works well.

My girlfriend commented on a walk this weekend that it takes me longer to take pictures with my DP-1 than with my Canon 5D. That is true, I said, but I take fewer pictures and keep more of them. And of course, the DP-1 weighs almost a tenth of my 5D outfit.

Could the DP-1 have been made better? Of course it could. But I don't think that makes it a bad camera.


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