Epson 7600 - LOW INK message / print basket

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Re: Epson 7600 - COMMUNICATION ERROR - Can't print!

Thanks for your reply.
I thought the INK LOW message was stopping me from making a print.

But, the bottom line is that I'm not able to make a print! I connected the printer to my husband's laptop because I can't move the printer into the room where my desktop computer is right now. His laptop runs Windows Vista (my desktop computer runs Windows XP). I don't have an installation CD so I went to the Epson site and downloaded every file that is Vista-related (Printer Driver, Status Monitor, etc..). Unfortunately, the site doesn't indicate in what order I should install the files so I've installed them in no particular order. Would you have any advice on how I should be doing this? I thought Windows is supposed to automatically have drivers for most printers in its OS? Arggh!

Every time I try to print, I get a COMMUNICATION ERROR message on the laptop. I've switched the USB cord, plugged and un-plugged it from the computer. I'm reading Forums & online sources. I have now spent many hours on this. It is frustrating. I notice that the printer isn't indicated in Device Manager or as an icon in the "Safely Remove Hardware". I don't know how to get the computer to "see" the printer! And soon, my husband has to leave for work with the laptop and I won't have resolved how to get this working. Very disappointed.

I appreciate any advice . . .

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