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Re: OK Allnak...

genotypewriter wrote:

allnak wrote:

genotypewriter wrote:

allnak wrote:

uh....try this:

Not bad... but that doesn't make you smart, decent or have an ability
evaluate other's work... I know you weren't asking

Who was saying anything about "smart", "decent," or "ability to
evaluate"? I just said that your pics suck. But you seem to
blathering on about something or other...

As short as your attention span may be, all this started because of
opinions that weren't asked for. Ooh sounds like I hit one of your
nerves... lol

No, all this started when you were being a jerk to the OP. Like I said, throw coffee in a fan and...

Oh, and learn to make a decent website without using too much of that
flash cr*p

It's not a website LOL. It's just a temporary page to review the
pics. Get a grip. You throw coffee in a fan and expect what to come
back at you?

It's going to be waste of time to explain because HTML seems too hard
for you and website semantics aren't going to win me the nobel
prize... but I'll explain because you probably can't do anything
better than drag 'n drop Flash candy.

A website is usually a cohesive collection of information. Now your
site might have only one URL but there's nothing stopping anyone from
calling it a site. Either way, at the end of the day... what you do
is insignificant.

Now go hire one of those bums off the street who can code HTML for
food... you might learn a thing or two, if there are things called

You're blathering on again but I guess that's your cup of tea. You obviously missed the point but I'll hold your hand like a kid and break it down for you: I don't give a rat's @ss what you think about webpages which use flash or html. Get it?

Do you people migrate away from you when you walk in the room?


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